Sunday, 5 December 2010

Skirt Wearing.

Lately I have been thinking about wearing skirts more often. Normally I wear trousers every day for work and then jeans at the weekend. I suddenly realised that I could go for weeks without wearing a skirt! Just knowing that made me feel so unfeminine.  My only excuse is that trousers are easy! I wore a skirt for four days this week, three of which were at work. I thought that skirts would be hard to match up with tops and that they would feel restrictive.

I was wrong!

My skirts are mid-calf length, flared and in neutral colours. I found that the tops I normally wore with trousers worked just as well with my skirts. Plus the skirts felt much less restrictive than trousers and they were so comfortable too.  I felt so girly walking around with my skirt flaring around me!

The downside of wearing a skirt was that it attracted more attention at work. Generally I try to avoid being the centre of attention! Hopefully people will get used to seeing me in a skirt and it will become normal and not worth commenting on. It is strange that dressing modestly attracted so much attention. I don’t want people to see my clothes more than they see my character.

 It is a struggle to dress in a feminine way without spending too much time thinking of how I look. I don’t want to become vain but at the same time I really want to make the effort to look like a girl. 

I will be wearing skirts more often from now on and may even try to sew my own as I have the Homestead Blessings Sewing DVD. I can’t even use the bad weather as an excuse as this week we had upwards of 6 inches of snow! It was warmer in a skirt, leggings and snow boots than it was in trousers.  I just need to find a nice denim skirt for the weekends and I am all set!




  1. I do love wearing skirts. And your right, it gives you more of a feminine feeling, which is nice. I wear skirts and dresses more in the summer than the winter. I never think to buy leggings when I'm out. May have to make myself a note to do so;).

  2. I prefer skirts too. I know my hubby likes me in skirts too, because he says that I definitely look more feminine. You're right, with tights and a slip (or two, in this chilly Michigan weather! lol!), skirts are actually much warmer than pants, and you look less lumpy-bumpy with all those layers in a skirt than you do in pants. lol. Good for you, girl!

    Sidenote: I don't think it's being vain to think about looking feminine in a Godly way. I think it pleases our Heavenly Father when we try our best to respect ourselves by dressing in a nice, clean-looking way. I think God is happy when we so our best to please Him in whatever part of our lives we're working on! I think you're doing a great job!

  3. I live in my favourite black skirt!
    My dH loves me in skirts too - it's nice to wear something 'different' to what he wears (shorts, mostly).
    Also, in warm weather (I'm in Hawaii) skirts are perfect!!
    And I agree with Gretchen about it not being vain to want to look feminine in a Godly way :)

  4. Thank you! I was surprised how much I liked wearing a skirt especially as I am so used to wearing trousers.

    I think the vanity thing comes from spending time on how I look. I want to look feminine! I forget that I am supposed to be an example to others and that looking neat and tidy helps rather than hinders.


  5. :-) This is so funny! We really do sound alike. I'm also a skirt-wearer. I've always worn them often, though it is easy to get in the habit of wearing pants, especially in the winter when it's so cold, but then I just pull out the leggings, tall books, and long skirts to wear under them to make it more comfortable.