Tuesday, 7 December 2010


When is the time for prayer?
With the first beams that light the morning's sky,
Ere for the toils of day thou dost prepare,
Lift up thy thoughts on high;
Commend the loved ones to his watchful care:
Morn is the time for prayer!

And in the noontide hour,
If worn by toil, or by sad cares oppressed,
Then unto God thy spirit's sorrow pour,
And he will give thee rest:--
Thy voice shall reach him through the fields of air:
Noon is the time for prayer!

When the bright sun hath set,--
Whilst yet eve's glowing colours deck the skies;--
When the loved, at home, again thou 'st met,
Then let the prayer arise
For those who in thy joys and sorrow share:
Eve is the time for prayer!

And when the stars come forth,--
When to the trusting heart sweet hopes are given,
And the deep stillness of the hour gives birth
To pure, bright dreams of heaven,--
Kneel to thy God--ask strength, life's ills to bear:
Night is the time for prayer!

When is the time for prayer?
In every hour, while life is spared to thee--
In crowds or solitudes--in joy or care--
Thy thoughts should heavenward flee.
At home--at morn and eve--with loved ones there,
Bend thou the knee in prayer!


I read this poem in a book called “Things a Lady Would Like to Know” by Henry Southgate and really liked the idea that there is no right time to pray. Any time of day is perfect to take a minute and thank God or just spend a little time with Him in prayer. 



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