Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Peek At My Book Shelves.

I do have quite a few books! Plus I must confess to a slight obsession with knick knacks. I don't mind the extra effort required to dust them - I love having pretty things around me. I do think that you can tell a lot about a person from their book shelves!

I have two little shelves above my chest of drawers. 

This is the top shelf. It has little reprints of old books, books on Jane Austen and books of manners. Just cute little books really! The J ornament is my initial with Jeremy Fisher from Beatrix Potter. The flowers are the ones that my Gran wore on her jacket at my Mum's wedding - love those as they are so sentimental. The snow globe is there because I love snow globes and the teddy was a present. Right at the end is a Mrs Tiggy Winkles money box that I have had since I was a little girl. There is a wooden book mark in it with a blue tit and my name on it, I got this on a school trip when I was about 8. I do seem to hang on to things. My walls are quite a bit pinker than in the photographs! 

On the second little shelf there is my angel post card - it is holographic and changes to a different angle picture. This shelf I where I keep my small Victorian books. There is Little Women and Good Wives at the end as well as a book of recitations for ladies, a book on character and a book called An English Maiden from 1837. The three tiny houses are by Lilliput Lane - I have had them for quite a few years. I really like them as they look like such lovely places to live!

This is the top shelf from my main book case. This is where my larger Victorian books live. There is a book for young ladies, the Girl's Home Companion, the Girl's Own Indoor Book as well as modern copies of Emma by Jane Austen and An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. I love the little mouse ornament and I have another where the mouse is on a mince pie! The post card is from an art gallery and is of one of my favourite paintings - A Summer Shower by Charles Edward Perugini. The hedgehog is something I spotted at a car boot sale and has such a cute little face! 

This is my Georgette Heyer shelf! I think her Regency romance novels are so sweet and lovely. They are alphabetical by title - showing a little bit more of my craziness there! There is a little mouse on cheese ornament and the candle stick one was given to me for a birthday so it is sentimental too. The little chest contains some Victorian coins, some ribbon and random old photographs. The fairy came from Wales when I went there on holiday. I think Wales is my favourite place to go on holiday. The white dove is technically a Christmas decoration but it is out all year round. 

Well, those are the prettiest of my book shelves! My room is just a mass of pink, sparkles and general girliness. Too much for most people but I love it! It is my little nest where everything has a place and everything is in it's place. 




  1. No worries on the Heyer books being alphabetical by title - our bookshelf has 4 shelves. Top 3 are fiction, alphabetical by author and alphabetical by title within the author ;)
    (the bottom shelf is non-fiction and is arranged by size because it makes more sense that way...)

  2. I think your bookshelves and themed knick knacks are quite lovely, and you have a delightful Georgette Heyer shelf--a wonderful tribute that I'm sure she would appreciate. She is my favorite Regency romance author and the one that inspired me to write my own regency romance novel, A Very Merry Chase.

  3. Thank you ladies! Pretty and organised is my aim - oh and to keep everything dust free!

  4. I love your old Victorian books! So pretty. :)

  5. Oh, I too love all your old looking books. Old books are definitely treasures!

    Thanks for joining us on YLCF this week!

  6. Thank you! I love books and the Victorian ones often have such lovely covers.

    I am building a little collection of magazines from the 1950's as I find that era so fascinating!

    YLCF has so many interesting articles - I will definitely be visiting again.

  7. You have such a prettily arranged collection - thanks for sharing!

  8. Hello ~ I found you from the YCLF link-up. I'm participating on my blog too.

    Your bookshelves are just lovely! I can't believe how many old hardback books you've acquired. Those kind are good for 2 reasons--the stories they hold, and for the decoration. All your little knick knacks are cute too!

    ~ Tarissa