Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I have been thinking today about contentment and how a person can seem to have so much good in their life and still not be satisfied. With all the advertisements on television and in magazines, especially at this time of year, I feel like the standard of living that is being sold to us gets higher and higher and is an unreachable goal. Even if I buy the next “essential” item there will be a new thing to want and desire and to feel lacking without. It isn’t just material things, the image of a woman with the perfect figure and a perfect life is everywhere. I feel inferior when I compare myself to the models and celebrities in magazines! I feel lacking and less interesting so why do I do it?!

The constant striving for more and more can’t be good for the spirit. I started thinking about what really was important in my life and it was the people that I love and the experiences that I have had that first came to mind. Not material things that had been purchased and probably soon forgotten or replaced with a new “in” thing. I have possessions that I care about for their sentimental value but nothing that compares to the importance of my family. The common thing with advertisements is that they try to convince you that to be happy you need to look away from the home when in reality home is somewhere to feel truly secure and loved.

I am working on appreciating what I have, my faith, my family, my health and my mind, rather than spending my time thinking about what I don’t have. Compared to what I have the fancy clothes and expensive make up pales in comparison. I think it is possible to train myself out of the bad habit of constantly comparing myself and wanting the next new “must have” item! Like any habit it can be broken with a bit of perseverance and just remembering how good my life is.

I feel more content now compared to when I didn’t have my faith. For a long time I felt called towards God and Christianity but fought against it! I didn’t want to be different! God didn’t give up on me though and I kept feeling this emptiness, like there was something missing. God was missing! He was there the whole time, He was just waiting for me to grow up and stop being silly and just to accept Him. I am by no means there yet but I feel much more secure now that I have accepted that God is in charge and that He has a plan for me.



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  1. Lots of good thoughts, Jenny! One of the things God has impressed on me most in the past couple of years is the importance of "the renewing in the mind" as we are transformed into the "new creatures" He calls us to be. As you suggest here, spending less time with popular media has been one of many things He's prompted me to do along the way. Still, though, I believe I've seen Him show me how changing things outside of myself is only a tiny step. The real work to completely transform and rearrange my heart and mind is something I can only trust in and lean on Him to do. Paul's words in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 have been such a help to me as I continue to fight with weapons that "are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds."

    I'm glad you are finding yourself in a place of more contentment! God's strength and grace to you as you continue the journey!